Friday, September 5

Santa Updatw

Hi everyone

Thanks for your sweet comments on my last post

Today I've decided to show you all how the magic of giving has been coming along. I'm doing better at stitching on it now I've finished stitching all that white!

Thursday, September 4

Recent Stash

Hi everyone

I've bought a little stash lately here's some of it :)

The Hannah  Lynn I've had the chart for for a while but just got the threads and fabric and the miribilia bliss fairy will be my first miribilia! I'm so excited to start these in the new year!

Tuesday, July 15

The Magic of Giving WIP

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great day :)
Today I want to show you what I am currently working on, this was my only UFO, I can't remember when I started it as I can't find it on here at all so must never have really talked about it!
This piece is called "The Magic of Giving" and from what I can tell is by JCA Designs 

This is where I was up to when I pulled it out to work on (09/07/14)

And here we are now, this was taken on 13/07/14

So far I am really happy with the progress made and think if I don't lose patience with it "AGAIN" then it will be finished this year and happily hanging on my mums wall this Christmas :)

Hope you have been enjoying my last few posts, I've enjoyed sharing with you all again :)

I am planning on having a small giveaway at 100 followers but I would like your input please let me know what type of stitchy related things you would like to win!!!
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Monday, July 14

Once Upon a Time update

Hi everyone, 
It's been a few months since you have seen progress updates on the Once Upon a Time sampler,so here it is in all it's glory. I can't believe there are only 5 months remaining, I will be sad when I'm not working on this one anymore!

All pictures should be clickable if you want to have a closer look :) 
Have a great day!
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Sunday, July 13

Gone a little bit crazy with.... The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery!

Hi everyone!

Decided to update you all on the last little while's stitching progress, I've had a few finishes, a few new starts and a few WIP.s

I noticed though when I was uploading photos that I have done an awful lot of stitching by one company in particular and that is The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I've mentioned them on here before showing off my Gingerbread Lane SAL and Once Upon a Time SAL but here are another few I've done lately including another SAL! I will update OUAT on a different post :)

Sugar Is Sweet Sampler

Cherry Blossom Sampler

Halloween 2013 SAL, only purchased this year though and stitched up as one piece rather than a SAL

Halloween 2014 SAL Spooky Town, part one was only released last month and currently waiting anxiously on the 17th July to come round to receive part two and get stitching! Look how cute that Frankenstein is!

I will update OUAT in my post and I also have a new (old) WIP to show's a secret til I post ;)

Have a great day
Michelle xox

Tuesday, May 13

I went to Disneyland Paris!

Hi everyone! 

My ever so lovely boyfriend surprised me wih a trip to Disneyland Paris :) we went from 2nd to 5th of May and being the big kid I am I loved every second of it :) 

Here's some pics I hope you all enjoy them 

I don't want to spam you all with pics so this is your lot hehe! If you want to see them all I have them on Instagram (shelsffaxnfriends) hopefully I will see se you there!

Have a nice day 
Shel xxx