Monday, April 14

Sleepy Afternoon update

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the lovely comments on my last few posts each one is very much appreciated

Here's here I am up to on Sleepy Afternoon as of last night... 

It won't be much longer and I will getting the tap shoes out again :) 

Lots of Love
Shel xxx

Sunday, April 6

FPS March block

Hi lovelies, 
So sorry I disappeared for a while, to be honest I was feeling a bit disenhearted with blogging as I wasn't really getting the feedback and such like I used to and then I remembered I started blogging for me and I will continue to blog for me :)

So I have had a few finishes since my last post back in February, I won't spam everyone on this post but be on the lookout for a few coming up in the next couple of days 

Here is the Frosted Pumpkin Stichery's March block of the Once Upon a Time sampler... 
The March theme was the 3 Little Pigs


Here's a quick pic of all three months together :) I love the colours and style of this sampler.


Hope you like it :) Next post is going to be my finish of Lesley Teare's Gingerbread Cottage

Love Shel xxx

Saturday, April 5

Lesley Teare's Gingerbread Cottage

Hi everyone, 

Here's another recent finish! I loved stitching this one up, I debated whether to leave the back stitch and not do it but then once I started doing the back stitch wow what a difference!


It was a fun stitch and now I have two gingerbread house stitches to display this Christmas :) 

Lots of love
Shel xxx

FPS April block

Hi everyone, 

Here's the frosted pumpkin stitchery's Once Upon A Time sampler up to date with Aprils block, the theme this month was Goldilocks and the 3 bears... Definitely my fave block so far!

 Hope you enjoy the pics, if you are stitching this sampler please let me know so I can have a lookie! 

Lots of love,
Shel xxx

Sunday, February 9

Up to date with OUAT!

Hi everyone,

I finally got the rest of the threads I needed to complete the January block yesterday so I finished that then started and finished February too :) 

Here's January...

Look how cute that frog is!

And here's a shot of the full sampler :)

I am already so excited for March 1st to get here, plus it's a Saturday so I will be off work and can start it as soon as it pings into my inbox!

Have a nice Sunday, I'm going back to stitching on Sleepy Afternoon today

Love, Shel xxx

Monday, February 3

Ouat #2

Hi everyone,

Hope yesterday was good to everyone :)

I stitched last night on once upon a time and got the border completed! The frosted pumpkin stitcheries patterns are so quick and easy to stitch up they are a joy :) 

Next time I will take close up pic for you all. There are little mushrooms, flowers, fleur de Lis, crowns and castles which make up the border.

Tonight I will start the January block all being well,

Have a great day!

Love, Shel xxx

Sunday, February 2

Wip update

Good morning everyone, hope you are all well and have a good weekend,

I have a wip of pic of sleepy afternoon to show you plus my fabric came for the frosted pumpkin stitchery's once upon a time sampler so I started that on Saturday and worked on it all weekend :) 

First up is sleepy afternoon...
I wanted to have that color of the grass finished before I started ouat but I couldn't wait any longer lol!

Day 1 of ouat...
I got all the dividers done and the border started

Day 2...
The main colour on the border is finished and have the left hand side completely done. 
Once I have the border done I can start working on January and February's blocks and get up to date :)

I will go back to sleepy afternoon when I am on track with this one, I'm already in love with it and can't wait to stitch tonight again!

Have a great day all!

Love, Shel xxx